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The Life and Times of Dr. John-Roger

J-R Marathon & Mystical Traveler film Tour

Following in the Footsteps of a Master

by Jsu Garcia

    I went through an intense period of grieving after John-Roger died. There was no manual that could prepare me for this. The dilemma for me has been how to stay in this energy that I’d been experiencing with him for 26 years. But J-R did leave a lot of himself behind in people and places he visited while he was on the planet. He planted light columns all over. He said we’re all conductors of divine energy, so I get lit up by the same energy that J-R left in those places.  So much of my life was traveling alongside J-R and our crew, and going in and out of airports. So as soon as I go to the airport I touch into that energy, and I’m back in the spiritual flow that I experienced with J-R. When I first hooked up with him in 1988, he told me if I stayed with him long enough he’d change my DNA. When I visit these countries where J-R traveled, I’m back doing staff work, and it releases something inside me, in my physical body and also in levels above. I touch into the transformation that he created in me. 

    All of my initiations except for one, and my ordination, took place on the road—Syria, England, Russia, Lake Tahoe (which J-R loved). So now I’m traveling the world, meeting other initiates and ministers, doing counseling and showing the Mystical Traveler movie and J-R seminars. I’ve been traveling on my own dime to distant countries where the staff has been unable to go, to initiate people who otherwise would have had to wait a long time for their initiation. These people are so grateful for the opportunity.

    My recent trip was to England, Bulgaria and Switzerland. Being on the road again reinvigorated my relationship with J-R, and I planted light columns to reinforce what we put there many years ago. It’s not just about getting to an airport, into a taxi, etc. It’s like walking where Jesus walked when we were in Israel. It’s following the footsteps of a Master.  

    For many years I had dreams of flying in a plane that I couldn’t land. I often have them before I travel. When I went to J-R he used to say that I was soul traveling. I’ve always loved traveling both in the Spirit and physically, and I’m learning to trust that the physical it will pay for itself. In May I’ll begin a tour of central and South America. I’ll be celebrating J-R’s birthday with all-day J-R seminars and the Mystical Traveler movie on September 24 at the Mystic Journey bookstore in Venice, CA, where J-R did book signings, and I’ll be introducing by new book,The Love of a Master.

    The Europe trip started in London where I had ten days to prepare for the J-R Marathon and Mystical Traveler screening. Nathalie Franks and AndrewJohn Clark were amazing servant-leaders. I was able to streamline the process of presenting the movie, and I bought a nice projector so I can now show videos even in an unequipped room. Thank you J-R. I had the ability to stay for a couple of days at a minister’s home and then in Airbnb rentals so I was able to travel on the cheap. On February 11 about 27 people showed up to the J-R Marathon, with ten hours of J-R seminars and the Mystical Traveler movie at the Columbia Hotel where J-R and John had been doing seminars since the ’80sI used a sim card in my phone to create a hotspot so I could upload video to Facebook Live anywhere I traveled. Very cool. London was a place for me to really get creative and heal. I found myself reframing and rewriting a lot of the the memories of J-R. It became more about finding the subtle energy that he left behind on this planet through light columns. I tried to go wherever he went to recharge and align with what J-R left there for us to walk into. As I realized this I found myself having a much better time, and it overcame a lot of my sadness. I felt like I had the space to breathe.

     I’ve had many dreams where I cry in the dream, and I wake up crying in this physical world. I remember J-R saying, “Better to clear the karma there in the Spirit than down here.” It was great running into people and telling stories about how they met J-R. New people came and it was an experience of, "when two or more are gathered there I am also.” I felt J-R's energy there. I recalled the statement, “You too can do you what I do and even greater because I go to the father.” J-R has gone to the father. I’m living my ideal scene in being able to contact the energy and then transmit it to other people.   

    Bulgaria was uncharted territory for me. John has been there many times and I had heard that J-R traveled through there in 1986 or 1987. Once again I thought, “Here I am in the energy, following not as a memory but walking through the light columns and the energy that J-R has left here.” Hristina and Theodora and other ministers greeted me and we started with a ministers meeting. Some of these people never met J-R and yet they carry his energy. For someone like me who had the benefit of so much physical contact with J-R, it puts you in your place. When we showed the movie Mystical Traveler, 80 people attended. They clapped and laughed and loved; some were crying. The way had been prepared. Many of them had taken Insight and I found out that a leader of the Great White Brotherhood, Master Beinsa Douno, lived in Bulgaria. I have subtitles built into the Mystical Traveler movie so it can be shown all over the world, and one of the languages is Bulgarian. 

    Then I was off to Thessaloniki, Greece, driving 4 hours there and back to initiate someone who had been waiting patiently. I thoroughly loved it. I thought I would spend all the money in the world to be able to help someone get connected to J-R and John and the Sound Current; and my thoughts wandered off to how it would feel if I was far away from Los Angeles and all the MSIA initiates and organizations there, and some American dude came all the way to connect with another loved one, another soul for the Travelers and God. It blows my mind that to me this is my ministry, and it hasn’t changed much since J-R was alive. 

    Then I went from Bulgaria to Switzerland and again there was the same theme of following the energy that J-R has left. It's for us to soak in and activate the Conductor of divine energy inside us into the world and connect with each other. We had a great screening with the ministers and friends from the area there in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Veronique Sandoz and friends, along with the many friends of MSIA minister Robert Waterman, all shared the loving for John-Roger at the Swiss premiere of the Mystical Traveler film. Switzerland is German, Italian, and French, and Neuchatel is very French. It is exquisitely beautiful, and my girlfriend Nicole and I were gifted a train trip around the country.

    While we were doing all that I was having massive flashbacks, memories of being there with J-R with John and family, and then J-R and I by ourselves covering the same ground. In 1997 J-R was trying to get me to learn how to see etheric temples that were in the area. I went to the hotel where we stayed in Zermatt for lunch with our friends. There were clear skies and clouds that rode in over the mountains, and I remembered how J-R would say that UFO's sometimes hide behind the clouds, and that the etheric temples were right on the mountain peaks. He taught me to look obliquely, not directly, to see into other dimensions. If you stare right at it you miss it. It felt like J-R was on the trip so we called the trip “The Etheric Temple Tour.”  We were having fun with it because we had no physical participants—just us and maybe some invisible folks. It was fantastic, a lovely gift to end our journey. 

    It doesn't matter where we go. Back in the day we were on the road with J-R six months out of the year. When two or more are gathered, especially ministers and initiates, there “He” is. Inside me, waiting to board a plane means we're going to work, and J-R and spirit are with me. And the work is everywhere. I just want to thank everybody for your support and thank you most most of all John-Roger for the inner support that just keeps getting bigger. Thank you.

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